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MEFCOM is a specialized service provider offering its expertise in niche market segments. Our service offerings include trading in equities, derivatives & commodities for day traders, jobbers and arbitrageurs. We offer a host of support services to clients in this segment such as margin funding, loan against shares and link to daily trading strategies. Our technology driven platform ensures high-speed market access and a specialized web-based reporting system.

In addition, MEFCOM offer a host of other value added services like SMS Alerts, daily / weekly Newsletter giving information on daily / weekly market commentary and trading strategies etc. depending upon the requirement of a client.

Equities & Derivatives Trading

MEFCOM Securities Ltd. is a registered broker dealer regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and authorized to deal in equity linked securities (spot and derivative) in BSE & National Stock Exchange(NSE). We offer you a fully automated trading platform, backed by a professional risk management team and client oriented web-based reporting. Investors have a cost effective means of trading in the equity markets with access to a wealth of research and education services that carry complimentary access. We also offer a host of other value added features in this segment such as digital contract notes, margin funding, and link to daily trading strategies. We understand that trading can be a high-stress activity and try to provide our clients with the best possible backup in terms of capital as well as technology.

Commodities Trading
With the opening up of the Indian Economy, Commodities is an area that is poised for rapid growth. MEFCOM ealizes this and has moved towards making a large investment in commodity and commodity futures trading. We offer access to the Trading in Multi-Commodities Exchange (MCX).

Our technology driven platform ensures super fast connectivity and a specialized web-based reporting system. Our dedicated team for commodities research advises our clients on trading strategies that will help them hedge their positions in related asset markets. We understand that trading can be a high-stress activity and try to provide our clients with the best possible backup in terms of capital as well as technology.

Currencies Trading
Globalization has lead to the interconnection of the national economies. The currency trading services is an excellent platform to trade in currency futures. This sector has high liquidity and comparatively low transaction cost as well as low commissions. In the futures market lot and contract size are determined by the exchanges which are fixed in nature. This also allows traders to trade in multiple lots. MEFCOM would be shortly providing their clients with all the concerned facilities to trade in the currency futures market.

Wealth Management

IPO's Distribution
Initial Public Offering (IPO) is when an unlisted company makes either a fresh issue of securities or an offer for sale of its existing securities or both for the first time to the public.

Some of the reasons why companies go for an IPO is as follows : Additional Capital resources for funding of projects /expansion plans. Dilution of existing promoters share holding. Value Hedging PMS Listing enhances corporate image thus providing visibility.

Book Building and Fixed Price Issue are the two types of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through which a corporate can raise money in the capital market.

In a book building public issue the bids are received at different price levels and the demand for the issue is built up over a period of time. Depending upon the bids received at different price levels the issue price is ascertained. In a fixed price issue the issue price is pre ascertained by the issuer.

Investment Banking
Investment Banking is a particular form of banking which finances capital requirements of an enterprise. Investment banking assists as it performs IPOs, private placement and bond offerings, acts as broker and carries through mergers and acquisitions.

MEFCOM is one of the leading Investment Banking company with one of the largest client based in India. We offer a wide spectrum of Investment planning services covering Public Issues Management, Capital restructuring, Private Equity, Debt Syndication, Advisory, Corporate, Loan against Equity Shares, Valuation.

As one of the premier investment banks, we serve the needs of our clients by offering a world-class platform coupled with straightforward, intelligent advice. We attribute our long-term success to our commitment of always putting clients' interests first.
Supported by a dynamic team of professionals with proven track record, our Investment Banking division is backed by in-depth understanding of the regulatory systems. With our expertise, we create customized capital structures that are aligned to the customers, business plan and stakeholder objectives.

  • MEFCOM Investment banking help public and private corporations in issuing securities in the primary market, guarantee by standby underwriting or best efforts selling and foreign exchange management. Other services include acting as intermediaries in trading for clients.

  • MEFCOM Investment banking differs from commercial banking in the sense that we don't accept deposits and grant retail loans. However the dividing line between the two fraternal twins has become flimsy with loans and securities becoming almost substitutable ways of raising funds.

  • MEFCOM Investment Banking offers the complete breadth and depth of high-quality financial advisory services and capital market solutions to domestic and multinational clients across sectors.

Mefcom welcome to partners to our one-stop shop for all the services. Our main aim is to make strong relationship that has enabled us to develop distribution & execution capabilities. With our expertise, we are aligned to the customers, business plan and stakeholder objectives.

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